Restore- (verb) which means to bring back into existence or use. To bring back to a previous normal condition. We have chosen the word Restore as our word-of-the-year here at First Baptist. As you notice, the phrase “bring back” is key. It could be that this year, you would discover that you need Jesus to “bring back” many spiritual features that you once had, but have now slipped away. It could be that the desires of your heart once where Godly, but now they are worldly. The joy of your salvation once was huge, but now it may be non-existent. Just a few examples of the fact, that in all honesty, all of us need to cry out to Jesus and ask that He restore us back to Him. I love to see old things that are restored to their normal condition and that is what we are asking God to do for us this year as we focus on the word Restore.