How to Deal with Pride

March 31, 2020

When answering the question, “How to deal with pride?”, I am reminded that pride can be good, or bad. I believe it is good to take pride in your work. Be proud of your kids when they work hard and earn a good grade, or scholarship. Be proud of your church, and how God is moving among its members.

Be careful though not to let pride go to your head and make you think you are better than someone else. Remember, pride was the first sin in the bible. You see, Adam and Eve thought they were on the same level with God. They were so prideful, they believed they could make their own decisions and not follow God.

Pride, more often than not, leads to arrogance. Just to be honest, I can’t stand to be around arrogant people. You know the kind; they always have a better story that elevates them. They are the people that always do things the best way, and the rest of us don’t know how to do anything. Prideful people are the people that brag all the time about their skills, and talents, forgetting where it all comes from.

So how do you and I deal with pride? I always try to remind myself that I was made from dirt! Yes, you heard me, dirt! You and I were formed from the dust of the earth, and to the dust we will one day return (Genesis 2:7, 3:19). You see, if we are anything at all, it is purely by the grace of the Almighty God. We should always give glory to God instead of being prideful.

When I begin to get prideful in my own life, I do the following…

  • Remember I am dirt.
  • Seek God’s Word (the bible) for guidance.
  • Remember that Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”.
  • Remind myself that there is always someone better than me.
  • Start serving other people.
  • Get on my knees and pray for forgiveness.
  • I remember that God deserves the glory, not me.

If you are dealing with the wrong kind of pride in your life,  pray, ask God to make you humble. Look for opportunities to serve instead of boast. Be the hands and feet for Christ, and let people see Jesus in you instead of them seeing you! Remember that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. When we care for other people, we will be empty of pride.

Continue to take pride in your work, your kids, your church, and your accomplishments; never forget, everything you accomplish comes only through the Lord Jesus Christ. Give Jesus Christ the honor and glory that He deserves, and when you do, you have dealt with any struggle that pride brings your way.

From one speck of dirt to another speck of dirt, have a great week.

Scott Brown

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