In 2019, as a church we chose a word for the year to focus on. Last year we focused on Dwelling with God. This year our word for the year is Focus. As a church we are focusing on 6 key things.

Focus on prayer. - Praying draws us closer to God.
Focus on applying God’s word to our life. - Focusing on applying God’s word to our daily life.
Focus on spending time with God. - Prioritize spending time with God.
Focus on intimately worshiping God. - Finding out what worshiping God means for you life, and making it a priority.
Focus on expressing your faith. - Focusing on sharing your faith, your story, with others.
Focus on starting faithful to your church family. - Pick a church family and stay faithful to them through prayer, service, and attendance.

Our word for the year is FOCUS. To focus on something means to concentrate your attention on that thing. One discipline that is vital to the growth of Christians is to focus on the Bible. Reading the Bible is so important because the Bible is God’s Word for us. In the Bible, we learn about God:  His creation, His plan of salvation, and His directions for living in this world He has created. Through reading the Bible we draw closer to the God who created us and gave His Son to die for us so we could inherit eternal life. It is impossible to mature as a Christian without spending time in the Bible.

This year, we are once again challenging people to read the entire Bible. There are many plans to help us read through the whole Bible. We are suggesting the Chronological plan offered by the Blue Letter Bible. You can find that plan on the YouVersion Bible app on a smart phone.

The Blue Letter Bible is a free app with many Bible study tools, developed by a non-denominational, conservative Christian group. It is available free of charge. It is helpful not only because it offers this Bible reading plan, but also because it is a great aid in studying the Bible.